Sylvia Necker

(urban) researcher ::: curator ::: historian ::: sound artist ::: 

nottingham (GB) ::: frankfurt/main (DE) ::: hamburg (DE) :::

zeit- und architekturhistorikerin ::: klangwerkerin ::: ausstellungsmacherin :::

Sonic Frontiers. The European Central Bank (ECB) building in Frankfurt/Germany A brief sound][talk by Sylvia Necker at Resonating Occupation workshop, […]

Round table with Maiken Umbach, Liz Harvey and Sylvia Necker (all University of Nottingham) on the project Photography as Political Practice […]

What to do with Hitler’s old house in Braunau/Austria? Lessons to be learnt from Obersalzberg and the “Hitlerbauten” in Linz. […]

 Sounds in museums. How to use sound in exhibits – old and new approaches. An internal workshop with Sylvia Necker […]